About us

    Yantai XTD Test Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the experimental teaching field of experimental equipment development and test technology research to Shandong Province Key Laboratory of Yantai University Structural Engineering Laboratory and Yantai University Engineering Mechanics Experimental Teaching Center (the first national virtual simulation experimental teaching center) As the experimental base, the product is mainly used in mechanical and structural engineering experimental field. The current leading products are: multi-functional materials mechanical testing machine, structural mechanics combination experimental device, electro-hydraulic servo loading test system, structural loading frame, electric servo control model shaking table, engineering mechanics open innovation platform, steel concrete specimen and With the marking of mechanical testing materials, the company has made a number of test technology patents and passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. The company's business purpose is: "people-oriented, science and technology as a precursor to create a new field of experimental teaching."
     "Multi-function material mechanical testing machine" is a new type of test equipment developed for the experimental teaching of "material mechanics", which can complete the basic experiment stipulated in the "Material Mechanics" syllabus, which will load the traditional pull, press, bend, twist and so on The combination is done on a testing machine. Equipped with advanced data acquisition and analysis equipment and computer-aided experimental teaching device, in the "material mechanics" experimental open teaching platform "under the guidance of students can independently complete the experimental operation. At the same time, combined with the needs of modern experimental teaching, developed a series of design, comprehensive experiment, suitable for open experimental teaching.
    "Engineering Mechanics Open Experimental Platform" is a multi-functional experimental teaching platform developed for the experimental teaching of materials mechanics, structural mechanics, structural dynamics and so on. The experimental platform provides experimental function not only to complete the normal experimental teaching Mission, advanced design concept so that the platform provides users with an open experimental space, the effective use of the platform can develop a lot of unique integrated design experiments.
    "Structural mechanics combination experimental device" is the early "structural mechanics" experimental teaching development of modular experimental device, to complete the "structural mechanics" rigid frame, truss, combined structure of the basic experiment. Its core technology is through a special structure to obtain the ideal hinge point and knot joint mechanical properties of the node. With the increasing demand of users, under the premise of constantly improving the loading and data collection convenience, through the rich structure of the loading frame to improve the carrying capacity, developed for the "reinforced concrete", "steel structure design" "Structural dynamics", "material mechanics" and other related experimental teaching course series of experimental devices.
    "YJS-HJ-Ⅰ model vibration platform" is a small model vibration demonstration, test and development of experimental teaching equipment, mainly used in the model of the model test and the model seismic wave response test.
    "Electro-hydraulic servo multi-point loading test system" can achieve multi-point coordinated loading of the test object, mainly used in structural static, pseudo-dynamic test. At the same time combined with the needs of modern teaching, equipped with such as the trial process video and test data synchronization storage, network synchronization transmission, instrument communication and other network-based technology development of auxiliary functions to improve the overall performance of the device.
    "Structural loading frame" is a structural engineering laboratory and electro-hydraulic servo multi-channel loading system supporting the use of auxiliary devices, generally with the horizontal loading channel, reaction wall with the use of mainly for two-way or multi-directional static load or Dynamic experiment.
    At the same time the company also participated in a wide range of relevant educational reform, technological transformation, scientific research projects, has successfully for a number of national natural science fund projects to provide effective technical support.